Cupcake and Whoopie day!

Après plus d'une année à ne plus vraiment cuisiner, s'y remettre est en réalité moins évident que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Et pourtant, le père Noël m'a largement encouragée à me remettre derrière les fourneaux (coffrets avec des cercles, des mini-terrines, de quoi faire des biscuits alsaciens, des éclairs, des macarons, cupcakes et autres whoopies). Du coup, pour marquer mon retour en cuisine, je ne pouvais pas laisser filer le Cupcake Day de Dorian, que dis-je? Le 4ème Cupcake Day de Dorian ! qui est aussi cette année le 1er Whoopie day.

Alors certes, je ne suis toujours pas douée en ce qui concerne les cupcakes. Je crois donc qu'il va falloir potasser Martha Stewart A DONF!!
Et si les recettes sont à la lettre celles trouvées dans le livre du coffret Créations Gourmandes, pour l'occasion, j'ai tout de même choisi 2 recettes salées, histoire de changer.

Cupcake and Whoopie Day
Cupcake au piment d'Espelette

Cupcake and Whoopie Day
Whoopie au parmesan et basilic

Alors si vous aussi vous voulez nous rejoindre. Le Cupcake et Whoopie Day c'est ce dimanche. Mais la gourmandise... c'est toute l'année :)

A bientôôôôt!!

PS : WHOOOOOOPIIIIE !!! (private joke :p )

After spending more than year without really cooking or baking, getting back to it was actually more difficult than I expected. Even though Santa tried to play a big part in helping me having fun in the kitchen again (for Christmas, I had sets with mini-terrine, these circles to perfectly shape your desserts, to make biscuits from Alsace, éclairs, macaroon, cupcakes and whoopie pies).
In France, one of our most famous bloggers is Dorian. And for 4 years now, he has created the Cupcake day. That day, he talks cupcakes and shows all the pictures has received previously to that date, specially for that event. A good way to discover blogs we may not know and get inspired. But for the first time, Dorian decided that this year would also be the first Whoopie Pie Day.

So let's be clear: I have never been good at baking cupcakes from scratch... Thank you S. J. L. A. & D., thanks to you I have what it will take: I need to study Martha Stewart.
Here, I stricly followed Dorian's recipes from his book (written with another French Blogger) Créations Gourmandes (we could translate by "Yummy Creations") but I picked 2 savory recipes, for a change.

Cupcake and Whoopie Day
Espelette Pepper flavored Cupcake (Espelette Pepper is a red pepper growing in the Basque Country, and mainly in a cute town called Espelette. It's as hot as good ol' black pepper and it is used as such in many households around here).

Cupcake and Whoopie Day
Parmesan cheese and basil whoopie pie

Well, if you wanted to join us, the 4th Cupcake Day and 1st Whoopie Pie Day is that coming Sunday. You could fully participate in sending a picture and your link to Dorian or just baking on Sunday. But after all, sweet moments are whenever you feel like it, right?

A Bientôt!

PS : WHOOOOPIIIIE (private joke :p)

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